Silverlake – Falling  single
Release date: 28th October 2022
Available on all major platforms

 ‘Falling’ is the third single from the forthcoming second Silverlake album ‘Jim Rockford’s Smile’. It was written by R. R. Dallaway, recorded and produced by Silverlake.

So what’s it all about?

After some relationships, you think ‘what the... how did that happen?’, especially ones that are like handcuffing yourself to a missile. Cool or crazed? Or maybe they were both... The glamour and danger seems irresistible. Then one night, at a sharp bend, the car left the A422.

We're also reflecting on the thought that much of what we do is driven by romance or romantic notions: relationships, lifestyle, politics, perhaps most of the choices we make.

We worked this track to quite a finished state some time ago, but coming back to it after a while allowed us a bit more objectivity – we were finally able to complete it with some key parts that really made us smile.

The single is available here.


1. An ancient Braun digital alarm clock makes a guest appearance on this track.

2. There's an even bigger gap than usual between the 'I keep on...' and 'falling' call and response vocals - about five years.

3. Sally-Ann is said to be in a ‘comfortable’ condition after faultlessly performing the track’s technically demanding finger-cymbal solo.

4. Squelchy synth, razor-thin Fender Telecaster, Fender Precision Bass and big strings create the soundscape for ‘Falling’.

Silverlake is:
Sally-Ann Parker – vocals
Tony Sherrard – bass & programming
R. R. Dallaway – guitar & keyboards

Press photograph available for download here.
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