Silverlake – Mercury Soul  single
Release date: 30th September 2022
Available on all major platforms

Mercury Soul is the second single from the forthcoming second Silverlake album ‘Jim Rockford’s Smile’. It was written by R. R. Dallaway, recorded and produced by Silverlake.

So what’s it all about?

Some of us always feel like outsiders, aware that most other people seem to be on a different track. The ups are exhilarating, the downs are crushing. ‘Mercury Souls’ sometimes feel as fast as light, sometimes heavy as lead. They’re struggling against the tide of ‘normality’, when life feels like a bad fit; uncomfortable, like a suit made of sandpaper. Someone very close to us was once described as the King of Melancholia. This is our sketch of the kingdom.

We had the core version quite early in Silverlake’s life and there was something that always excited us about it, the thin riff against the big, brutal beats. We kept re-visiting it until we finally coaxed it into shape.

The single is available here.
The video can be found here.


1. ‘Mercury Soul’ features the sound of the Mandora, a small, pear-shaped stringed instrument of the lute family.

2. In the video, Sally-Ann Parker seems to have been inhabited by the spirit of Gene Tierney, the slightly weird 60s film star. In this slightly unpredictable phase, we suggest you avoid direct eye contact. NORMAL SERVICE IS UNLIKELY TO BE RESUMED IN THE NEAR FUTURE.

3. Mercury, or Quicksilver, is that strange liquid metal found in barometers (but not in weather apps). Mercury was also the speedy messenger of the Roman gods and sported a very smart winged hat.

4. Fender Precision Bass and synthesised sub-bass is combined with the Mandora, crushing big beats, dramatic string arrangement and 70’s lead synth to create the soundscape for ‘Mercury Soul’.

Silverlake is:
Sally-Ann Parker – vocals
Tony Sherrard – bass & programming
R. R. Dallaway – guitar & keyboards

Press photograph available for download here.
Cover artwork: right click on image above to download JPEG, or high resolution PDF available here.
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