Silverlake – Peaceful  single
Release date: 2nd September 2022
Available on all major platforms

Peaceful is the first single from the forthcoming second Silverlake album ‘Jim Rockford’s Smile’. It’s a cover version of the Kenny Rankin song, first turned into a hit single by Georgie Fame in 1969.

So what’s it all about?

We all need a bit of peace, now more than ever. None more than those of us caught up in war, oppression, illness or hardship. Just thinking about how we can find it and help others to do so and in respect of International Day of Peace, 21st September.

We’re in love with the Georgie Fame version of this Kenny Rankin song but felt we could offer a very different take on it. We started work on it a while ago, but kept parking the track and coming back to it. We had a vision for it and knew it was worth wrestling with, but couldn’t quite get it finished. But then we did.

What about the video?

We were frightening ourselves thinking of vintage 'Flake' adverts, weird 70s TV variety shows and scary children's TV. Beware of the Pylons. If that wasn't the name of a children’s tea-time serial in the 70s, it should have been. It can be found at here.

United Nations International Day of Peace – 21st September, 2022
2022 theme: End Racism. Build Peace.


1. ‘Peaceful’ features the sound of the legendary EDP Wasp synthesiser.

2. Sally-Ann has a secret time machine, but it only works when the dial is set on 1972 or 1992. And you can only use it to shoot video. Which makes it quite safe – you can’t marry your dad or anything.

3. WARNING: ‘Peaceful’ by Silverlake may increase ‘love hormone’ oxytocin and serotonin levels in your brain, both of which can be instant mood-boosters. DO NOT OPERATE HEAVY MACHINERY WHILST LISTENING TO ‘PEACEFUL’.

4. Swirly, swooshy ‘Peaceful’ is our reflection on those rare moments of release from the background hum. But that sixties brass section also reminds us that the noisy world can still be a beautiful place. Wistful vocals from Sally-Ann Parker float over a groovy bass line and rinky-dinky drums. It’s all too much. Peace Out, maaan.

Silverlake is:
Sally-Ann Parker – vocals
Tony Sherrard – bass & programming
R. R. Dallaway – guitar & keyboards

Press photograph available for download here.
Cover artwork: right click on image above to download JPEG, or high resolution PDF available here.
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